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The course material is anchored in established theory and is highly relevant for today's mental health professional. These continuing education courses are designed specifically for licensed social workers, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists. Social workers, mental health counselors, and other professionals in the mental health and helping professions must be alert to the often-overlooked signs of trafficking in their clients. This course is designed to provide a sensitive review of the issue of abuse in human trafficking and how it affects victims and their families. Take courses from the world's best instructors and universities. Courses include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you’ll be eligible to receive a shareable electronic Course Certificate for a small fee. - Continuing Ed Courses Online

Skip to main content. Per Page 25 50 All. Keywords or Course. Instructor All Instructors Alvarez, M. Antonio G. Barinbaum, Richard Blackburn, James A. Boussi, Zaynab K.

Brewster, Joshua Brydon, Daphne M. Chaney, Adisa N. Checkoway, Barry N. Chute, Ellen Y. Clark, G. Warren Copeland, Diana G. Cortez, Priscilla C. Crabb, Susan K. Crane, Colleen E. Cushman, Julie D. DeYoung, Raymond K. Dockham, course in social work, Bonnie C. Eiler, Abigail H.

Eldredge, Mary A. Farris, Karen B. Fedina, Lisa Fischer, Daniel J. Fitzgerald, Emily K. Friedline, Terri L. Galura, Joseph A. Gant, Larry M. Hawkins, Jaclynn M. Herrenkohl, Todd I. Hiltz, Barbara S. Hodge, Justin D. Klumpner, Susan T. Lopez, Kathleen L. Mattison, Debra K. Moss, Lolita Naasko, Rachel T, course in social work.

Nichols, Darlene Nitzberg, Laura J. Okasinski, Maureen M. Perry, Ramona Peterson, Stacy L. Ribaudo, Julie M. Richards-Schuster, Katie E, course in social work. Richardson, Carmela A. Rivera, Osvaldo Robertson, Leigh A. Robinson, Yatesha D. Ruffolo, Mary C. Ryan, Joseph Course in social work. Sampson, Monica D. Sanders, Laura L. Sankaran, Vivek S. Saunders, Shari L. Seefeldt, Kristin S. Shaefer, H. Luke Shanks, Trina R. Sherman, Beth A. Staller, Karen M.

Stein, Sara F. Stern, Amy M. Thompson, Amy Tolman, Richard M. Tropman, John E. Trujillo, Michelangelo Vanderwill, William L. Vantine, Aimee M. Watkins Jacobs, Daphne C. Weaver, Addie Wiland, Stephen R. Williams, Amber Yakas, Laura J. Yergeau, Melanie R.

Yoshihama, Mieko Zebrack, Bradley J. Zhang, Anao Ziglor, Candace N. Time AM. Day of Week Mon. X Social Work is course in social work home department of this course. H Hybrid - a combination of web-based and face to face in person sessions. W Social Work is not the home dept; home dept in parenthesis, contact home dept with questions. C Must enroll concurrently in SW Instructor: Joseph A.

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Katie E. Jaclynn M. Luke Shaefer. Change Kwesele. Ashley Lacombe-Duncan.


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course in social work


An online course in social work allows students to access class materials such as recorded lectures, homework, assigned readings, and collaborative projects remotely and complete it at their own pace. Completing an online course in social work may help students improve their reading, writing, communication, and interpersonal skills. *Required CourseThe following is a list of approved courses in the MSW program. All courses are not offered every semester or every year. Students will receive a schedule each semester that identifies the course offerings. Students are also able to satisfy social work electives through taking approve courses in other graduate programs on campus and through the consortium. Buy once and access any social work or mental health course you want. Save money. Gain new skills for a fraction of the cost. Set your own pace. Get the freedom to start anytime and learn as much as you want. Simplify Social Work. Easily track all your courses and certificates. Learn More.