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Nov 25,  · A literature review is a written summary of the existing published research on a topic. A literature review can be brief (a section in a larger article) or it can be an entire article unto itself. The purpose of a literature review is to provide an overview of the current knowledge on a topic, and/or to provide a context for new research. Sep 12,  · All good quality journal articles will include a small Literature Review after the Introduction paragraph. It may not be called a Literature Review but gives you an idea of how one is created in miniature. e.g Barnett, J., Bull, S. & Cooper, H. () Pop-up library at the University of Birmingham: extending the reach of an academic library by taking "the library" to the albaturons.ga: Michael Doheny. A literature review or narrative review is a type of review article. A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. Literature reviews are secondary sources, and do not report new or original.

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Download the Writing Roundabout eBook to understand the challenges involved in planning, literature review articles, drafting, revising, and editing your academic writing. Before starting on the literature review section, you need to gather literature in some systematic way, literature review articles. The literature you find helps to determine whether the level of existing knowledge leads you to a clear-cut prediction that you wish to test i.

Every manuscript will need to include some of the two types of literature. You will also collect, read, and sometimes cite theoretical and conceptual literature by experts, literature review articles, practitioners, or researchers, which you may cite to explain some literature review articles of your research questions or hypothesis, or the way you construct your study.

If you have written on your topic before, you will have references already and may only need to check for any more recent citations. Particularly literature review articles you have written a grant proposal or a dissertation proposal, you probably have most of what you need and it will be only a matter of shortening your literature review section to fit the journal you target. Many scholars find keeping literature in an Excel literature review articles is helpful.

Reference manager software e. This type of software makes it possible to type in your reference once and then have it available to be transformed into many different formats that may be required by different journals and printed out in the reference list for your manuscript.

You may include a select published quotation from an expert in the field about the importance of the problem or issue your study addresses. This material usually belongs in the first one or literature review articles paragraphs of your manuscript, an introduction that sets the stage for the rest of your study.

The remaining literature will be found in a literature review, the length of which will depend literature review articles the field and the journal. On the other hand, in a more theoretical or complex study, you may have several topics to cover in your literature review. It helps the reader and will make the beginning of your article more coherent if you group these accordingly and use subheadings to show what topics you are presenting.

Say, for instance, your study looks at a question about whether teens from low-income families or high-income families are more likely to suffer low grades and discipline problems related to excess literature review articles phone use. In each section of this part of the literature review, you will need articles about the prior research in this area and the findings that have led you to the gap in knowledge that you are filling with your particular study, literature review articles.

Choose those studies that show the path to your own ideas. You will want to describe one or two studies in a bit more detail to demonstrate what they reported and how their study led to the work you are presenting now.

Depending on the field you are in and the specific journal you target, the literature review will be longer and more detailed, as in some of the social sciences that highly value theory, or short and to the point, as in many medical and health-focused journals that highly value applications of research to practice. In any event, literature review articles, it bears noting that a journal article literature review articles not have nearly the emphasis on theory or the scope of literature review that a dissertation requires.

You will have to summarize in a few pages, at most, the theory and the literature that led you to your research questions and the current study. Do not try to include every article you have access to, since that might be excessive for the type of journal you are targeting and for the limited pages you have to work literature review articles. In other words, briefly describe the purpose and general outlines of the study, including the study design i.

Next, you will provide your research questions or hypothesis. Depending on the journal and the field, these research questions literature review articles hypotheses may be embedded in a paragraph of text or actually listed by number or bullet points.

In a more complex study with several variables and particularly when using an advanced statistical method such as Structural Equation Modeling, rather than research questions or hypothesis testing, research articles report on the development and testing of a proposed, theoretical or conceptual model. This means that the authors propose a way that several variables fit together and affect one another and the outcome variable.

The proposed model should clearly arise from the literature you have cited before it and you will create a figure here to graphically show the model. This visual aid has become the norm in many journals when the complexity of the analysis literature review articles testing a model.

Make sure your figure is done professionally, using PowerPoint, Visio, literature review articles, or another graphic software program. For those who are challenged in this area, it is wise to get help to create your figure for your manuscript submission. This short Current Study or Purpose section describing what you are doing in your study forms an important transition that links the introductory part of your manuscript, the context of the problem and prior theory and research, to the heart of the presentation of your study, alerting the reader to what to look for.

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literature review articles


A literature review or narrative review is a type of review article. A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. Literature reviews are secondary sources, and do not report new or original. Apr 02,  · Literature includes journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, and books. A literature review can also be a short introductory section of a research article, report or policy paper that focuses on recent research. In the anatomy of a scholarly research article example, the literature review is a part of the introduction. Jul 18,  · The chances are high that someone will already have published a literature review, if not exactly on the issue you are planning to tackle, at least on a related topic. If there are already a few or several reviews of the literature on your issue, my advice Cited by: